Monday, 27 December 2010

Incredible India-Odissi Classical Dance (HD)-Part 1-Mangalacharan by Suj...

Beautiful bhakti Yoga music!

Check out to watch and listen to some wonderful devotional music (kirtanas)as you cook for Krishna!

A couple more dos and don'ts when you are preparing food to offer to Krishna

  • Don't use chives, Spring onions (scallions) or leeks, as they belong to the onion family.
  • Tasting when you cook: this should really be avoided, as Krishna must be the first to enjoy the food. You can develop your senses of smell and touch instead. BUT there are times when you may need to taste the food, especially if it is a dish you have not cooked before, or you are inventing it as you go along. After all, the result has to be edible! In this case, you can taste as long as you are not actually relishing the flavours for your own enjoyment, but are merely testing to see if it's what you are aiming for. Never taste directly from a cooking spoon, but transfer to an eating spoon and wash your hands and rinse out your mouth afterwards.

What did you have for Christmas dinner?- Walnut and red pepper roast

I wanted to have a complete change from the usual nut roast, but the rest of my family wanted one, so I invented a different version:
Walnut and Red Pepper Nut Roast

(Please note slightly better quality of pic this time: I got a camera for Christmas!)
Serves 6-8. All quantities approximate as I had no time to make notes while I worked.
400g walnuts, ground (with a few reserved and quartered)
250g ground almonds
a handful each of ground pumpkin and sunflower seeds
a handful of porridge oats
3 red peppers
soy sauce
coarse ground black pepper
dried oregano
dried herbes de Provence
3/4 tube tomato puree
a few fresh tomatoes, sliced
olives to garnish
  • Mix all the dry ingredients together, including the seasoning
  • Grate the peppers directly into the bowl to catch all the juices
  • Add tomato puree. (Mixture should hold together when you gently squeeze a handful of it.)
  • Line a large square cake tin (I used a silicone one; if you use metal, you should grease and line with baking parchment) with sliced tomato and olives- a bit like the pineapple and cherries in upside -down cake.
  • Put the loaf mixture into the tin, press down lightly and stud the top with the quartered walnuts.
  • Cook in a preheated oven at 225C until browned on top.
  • Turn out onto a serving plate/tray (see photo)
  • We served this with roast potatoes and parsnips (use butter ghee for a delicious change), glazed Brussels sprouts and gravy made from vegetable cooking juices and Marmite. Oh, and don't forget the home-made cranberry sauce!